Blog 5

There are several ways to represent data visually via maps, graphs, or charts. It can also be represented by articles and books and with new advancements in technology, there are several different ways to represent data such as websites, online exhibits, or online articles. Throughout this current semester in school, I have had the opportunity… Continue reading Blog 5

Blog 4

I have lived in Norfolk, Virginia all my life and have always lived near historical sites. I’ve gone past Booker T. Washington, one of the first public high schools for African Americans, the high school nearly weekly, I have friends that even graduated from the school, I’ve been in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, which was… Continue reading Blog 4

Blog 3

Because of fact that researchers deal with large amounts of data, it is easy for the data to become unorganized. Therefore they created databases to help in this effort. However, at times, due to a large amount of data, these databases can become unorganized. According to the author of the article Tidy Data, Hadley Wickham,… Continue reading Blog 3

Blog 2

When a historian thinks of writing a paper on a subject or a researcher looks for information for an article, they are writing there are literacies that they must account for before writing, they are being the ethics, privacy, copyright, and licenses. If the author messes up with even one of these literacies it would… Continue reading Blog 2

Blog 1

When looking myself up on the internet to see my digital presents, I did not expect much as I do not have a Facebook, Twitter, or any other form of social media. What I did find was to be expected, people with similar names on social media, my mom’s Facebook Profile, and images of random… Continue reading Blog 1

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